Farm and forest land

We know the value of farm and forest land and what it means to its owners. We possess extensive experience in valuating properties both in Sweden and abroad. Farm and forest land is a special type of real estate property that requires a different sort of valuation in order to reach correct numbers and only a few can evaluate this type of property in a way that reflects the reality.

When was the last time you valuated your properties? There are several reasons for valuating your properties. Perhaps mainly for your own sake, it is reassuring knowing the value of your properties. It is also important to know the value in the relationship with your bank or if you are thinking of selling and wonder what the market would be willing to pay.

We combine two values in our report.

  • Market value with calculations describing what a potential buyer would be ready to pay
  • We also look at the local market to find out how much other similar properties have been sold for